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"South Dubai" Dominates the Market: Real Estate Prices Increased by 15%

Avla Real Estate

June 29, 2024

As Avla Real Estate, we are very happy to share with you the latest developments in the Dubai real estate market. The massive expansion project at Al Maktoum International Airport is taking the real estate market in Dubai South and surrounding areas to unprecedented heights. Industry projections predict that there may be an increase in prices of up to 15% this year, which means a significant boom for the region.

Rapid Rise in Real Estate Demand

According to industry insiders, demand for both residential and commercial properties will grow rapidly. Estimates predict that more than 100,000 new properties will be developed in and around Dubai South over the next decade. This increase is expected to push property prices even higher, presenting a golden opportunity for investors.

New Housing and Business Developments

As Avla Real Estate, we closely follow many new housing projects emerging in the region. Planned communities such as Emaar South, DAMAC's Riverside community and Dubai South Properties' Pulse Villas are already taking shape. Airport expansion also encourages the development of business centers and logistics centers, attracting companies with its strategic location and modern infrastructure.

Challenges and Opportunities Ahead

Although this rapidly developing environment offers exciting opportunities, Avla Real Estate also notes the warnings of experts that caution should be exercised. Challenges such as potential environmental concerns and market saturation may be on the horizon, and developers must accelerate construction plans to meet the housing needs of expected population growth.

Join the Real Estate Revolution with Avla Real Estate

The expansion of Al Maktoum International Airport is set to be a transformative force for Dubai's real estate sector and will boost economic growth and development in the region. Get ahead with Avla Real Estate and take advantage of this opportunity. Contact us today to explore investment opportunities and be part of Dubai's real estate revolution!

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