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Our Services


Feasibility Study of the Property and Reporting to Our Consultants

  • Price and Market analysis (professional price appraisal and real estate valuation report in accordance with the agreement to be made)

  • Cadastre, title deed and zoning analysis

  • Engineering consultancy (in terms of soil survey and compliance with earthquake regulations)

  • Field and local research, past story of the neighborhood, current and future plans

  • Environmental development and value study

  • Lease return potential and depreciation reporting


Marketing Activities for
the Sale of the Property

● Professional photo and video shooting 

● “Make-up”, cleaning and painting services when necessary 

● Pre-announcement presentation of the property to our investor portfolio

Feasibility Report

Flexible and alternative decoration style ideas in line with the portfolio profile

Video and photo presentation

● Special introductions to our luxury housing experts within our team and consultant network from Turkey's best real estate offices 

● Advertisements of the property on international marketing platforms 

● Advertisements of the property on local digital marketing platforms 

● Real estate-specific website design and promotion


● Online promotions, publicity and social media ads 

​● Marketing activities at real estate events such as fairs and seminars 

 ● Where necessary, use of advertisements, brochures and similar materials 

 ● On-site introduction and presentation invitation to our professional teammates and colleagues 

 ● Property-specific PR work on private properties 

 ● Other physical and digital marketing tools


Legal Consultancy

● Special legal reconciliation models and mediation services for tenanted properties

● Service contract

● Sales and purchase agreements, payment and exchange assurance

● Title deed services

● Contract, property management and rental services


Our After Sales Services

● Preparing the property for the new owner 

● Municipal real estate declaration 

● Renewal of electricity, natural gas and water contracts 

● Providing all kinds of technical support 

● Architectural design 

● Renovation and renovation works 

● Rental and management services 

● Resale and marketing

Decorating Style Ideas

● Upon request, we share our project-specific decoration ideas for our customers' spaces in line with their tastes, styles and preferences, accompanied by visual applications.

Empty Space

Decoration Idea (Modern)

Decoration Idea (Vintage)

Decoration Ideas
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