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Real Estate Consultancy

We prepare and present reports and market analyses for our clients and consultants in the real estate sector, taking into account current trends, prices, demand levels and investment opportunities, and help them identify the most suitable investment areas and properties. We develop strategies to effectively manage our clients' real estate portfolios and work to meet individual client needs with risk management and income optimization objectives.

In this context, we guide our clients in real estate investments in line with their goals, evaluate investment performance and analyze potential risks to help them make the right investment decisions.

How Do We Work?

Avla Real Estate

On the other hand, we provide professional support to our clients when they want to sell or rent their properties. We develop marketing strategies, work to find the right buyers or tenants and guide our clients at every stage of the process.

In addition, we provide detailed reports to our clients with financial analysis of their real estate investments. We support our clients' investment decisions by analyzing financial factors such as return on investment, cash flow and value increase projections.

Marketing Strategies

Avla Real Estate

Together with the lawyers and legal advisors in our team, we provide consultancy services to our clients regarding the legal aspects of real estate investments. Especially in the solution of legal problems, we help the parties to meet the right decision and thus reconcile with time-economy-earnings modeling in order to resolve disputes and controversial processes in a short time.

While providing professional support to our customers in real estate investments with these services, we work specifically for the needs of our customers who want to evaluate the real estate they own and develop the most appropriate marketing strategies.

Legal Consultancy

Law Advise
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