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Avla Real Estate
Invest in your future with trust

One of the deepest desires of human beings is to have a home where they feel safe. Individuals want to own property where they will feel protected for the rest of their lives. This is an endeavor that even underlies a great deal of service to society.

Now, find the permanent address of shaping a secure future and choose us to create your own life nest. Invest in your future with trust.

M. Sami Akbeniz

+90 532 282 2657

M. Sami Akbeniz

Short Biography

Born in 1966. Studied at Levent Şehit Kubilay Primary School, Private Şişli French Saint-Michel High School, Istanbul University Faculty of Business Administration; Grenoble University, Applied Economics and Public Administration for Employment, Sorbone (Panthéon I) University, Economics of Developing Countries and Econometrics.


For three years, he worked as the general coordinator of projects at Güngör Dekorasyon, an international decoration and furniture manufacturing company. He managed many projects such as Four Seasons, Çırağan Palace, Baku Prime Ministry Residence, Saudi Arabia Shah mansions.


For ten years he was the manager of his own enterprise, "Dulcinea Cafe & Free Space for Contemporary Arts", as well as a producer and manager of cultural and artistic events.


He continues his activities from tea farming, gardening and the supply of organic mineral infrastructure materials in the landscaping areas of giant real estate projects, to the construction of artificial beaches in prestigious projects; mineral sand supply of glass and casting sectors. He continues his commercial activities related to organic and inorganic minerals with Avla Doğa Mineral Maden ve Bilişim A.Ş. Company.


In a period when the increasing need for housing, workplaces and green natural areas in the ever-growing and changing demographic periphery of Turkey and the world is being redesigned, he continues to share his experience in the fields of organization, management, economics, research, planning, valuation, analysis, synthesis, marketing and sales with his clients in the field of real estate and to use his skills to bring the right buyer and seller together.

M. Sami Akbeniz

Short Biography and Career Story

Born in 1966. Studied at Private Şişli French Saint-Michel High School, Istanbul University Faculty of Business Administration; Grenoble University, Applied Economics and Public Administration for Employment, Sorbone (Panthéon I) University, Economics of Developing Countries and Econometrics. For three years, he worked as the general...


Career Story

Mineral Supply and Landscaping

Avla Nature Architects Soil Factory, Gebze, Kocaeli 2020 – 2021

Portonovi Resort Project, Montenegro 2019 - 2021

Sinpas GYO, Istanbul, Denizli, Ankara 2019 - 2020

Emlak Konut Houses, Gebze, Kocaeli 2018-2019

Akbank Banking Base, Şekerpınar, Kocaeli 2018

Yeba Yapı Dragos House, Maltepe, İstanbul, 2018

Technopark, Kurtkoy, İstanbul 2018

Sinpas Marina, Ankara, 2018

İstanbul Airport, Istanbul 2018

Garanti Bank Kurtköy Campus, Pendik, İstanbul 2018

Bayraktarlar Construction Sancaktepe, Sancaktepe, Istanbul 2017-2018

Bizimtepe, Aydos Houses, Sancaktepe, Istanbul 2017-2018

Technopark Valley, Gebze, Kocaeli 2017

Sinpas Aquacity, Denizli 2017

Sinpas Aydos Project, Sancaktepe, Istanbul 2017

Dolmabahçe - Levazım Tunnel Project, Beşiktaş, Istanbul 2017

Mehmet Cengiz Grove and House, Beykoz, Istanbul 2017

Ada Plant, Serdivan, Sakarya 2016 – 2018

Forest Island, Kilyos, Istanbul 2016

Via Port Kurtkoy, Pendik, Istanbul 2016

Via Port Mansion, Pendik, Istanbul 2016

Hereko, Istanbul 2016

Resim Istanbul, Sancaktepe, Istanbul 2016

Sancaktepe Meşeli Park, Sancaktepe, Istanbul 2016

Kavacik Mihrabat Grove, Beykoz, Istanbul 2016

Town Houses Project, Ömerli, Istanbul 2016

Via Port Marina, Tuzla, Istanbul 2015 - 2016

Mesa Camlica Project, Libadiye, Istanbul 2015

Arkas Management Complex, Orhanlı, Istanbul 2015

Avrupa Konutları 2, G.Osmanpaşa, Istanbul 2014 -2015

Greenist, Güneşli, Istanbul 2014

Zorlu Levent 199 Center, Levent, Istanbul 2014

Vahdettin Mansion, Prime Minister's Residence, Çengelköy, Istanbul 2014

Mesa Kartal Project, Kartal, Istanbul 2014

Renaissance Kartal Project, Kartal, Istanbul 2014

Ford R&D Complex, Sancaktepe, Istanbul 2014

Piri Reis University, Tuzla, Istanbul 2013-2014

Crystal Tower, Levent, Istanbul 2013-2014

Rings İstanbul, Sultanbeyli, Istanbul 2013

Zorlu Museum, Hisarüstü, Istanbul 2013

Istanbul Wood and Landscape Inc., Kurtkoy, Istanbul 2013

İbrahim Ercan Construction, Kurtkoy, Istanbul 2013

Maltepe Coastal Embankment Project, Maltepe, Istanbul 2013

Seba Houses, Beykoz, Istanbul 2013

Koç High School, Orhanlı, Istanbul 2013

Karali Tea Factory, Hazelnut, Rize 2012

Cengiz Construction Inc., Kalkandere Education Campus, Rize 2010-2012

Pazar Forest Management Directorate, Pazar, Rize 2008-2012

Fındıklı Special Administration Directorate, Fındıklı, Rize 2010

Torunlar Mansion, Arhavi, Artvin 2010

Private Affairs, 2008 – 2013

Ardeşen, Fındıklı, Arhavi Villa garden

Armağan Village, Ardesen, Rize. Mansion design and construction in the style of local architecture.

4 Season Hotel, Istanbul 1994 -1996

Çırağan Palace, 1994 -1996

Adnan Polat Mansion, 1994 -1996

Mansion in France, Saudi Arabia and Istanbul, 1994 -1996

Dulcinea Cafe, Bar & Restaurant, 1996 - 2007

Real estate

Real Estate Consultancy

We prepare and present reports and market analyses for our clients and consultants in the real estate sector, taking into account current trends, prices, demand levels and investment opportunities, and help them identify the most suitable investment areas and properties. We develop strategies to effectively manage our clients' real estate...

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Our Services

In addition to the general principles of real estate consultancy mentioned above, please click the button below for the services we provide in areas such as feasibility study of the property and reporting to our clients, marketing activities for the sale of the property, legal consultancy, after-sales support and decoration ideas.

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