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Born in 1966. Studied at Levent Şehit Kubilay Primary School, Private Şişli French Saint-Michel High School, Istanbul University Faculty of Business Administration; Grenoble University, Applied Economics and Public Administration for Employment, Sorbone (Panthéon I) University, Economics of Developing Countries and Econometrics.

For three years, he worked as the general coordinator of projects at Güngör Dekorasyon, an international decoration and furniture manufacturing company. He managed many projects such as Four Seasons, Çırağan Palace, Baku Prime Ministry Residence, Saudi Arabia Shah mansions.

For ten years he was the manager of his own enterprise, "Dulcinea Cafe & Free Space for Contemporary Arts", as well as a producer and manager of cultural and artistic events.

He continues his activities from tea farming, gardening and the supply of organic mineral infrastructure materials in the landscaping areas of giant real estate projects, to the construction of artificial beaches in prestigious projects; mineral sand supply of glass and casting sectors. He continues his commercial activities related to organic and inorganic minerals with Avla Doğa Mineral Maden ve Bilişim A.Ş. Company.

In a period when the increasing need for housing, workplaces and green natural areas in the ever-growing and changing demographic periphery of Turkey and the world is being redesigned, he continues to share his experience in the fields of organization, management, economics, research, planning, valuation, analysis, synthesis, marketing and sales with his clients in the field of real estate and to use his skills to bring the right buyer and seller together.

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